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Agents with 8th North Task Force were busy this week as a statewide Drug Enforcement Agency operation came to an end.

According to Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton, the 8th North Task Force, which is made up of members of the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office, Hope Police Department, Nevada County Sheriff’s Office and Prescott Police Department, has been working with the DEA during its Operation Task Arkansas since the end of June.

Locally, the Sheriff said, the Task Force Agents been making drug buys, making seizures and arrests for the last three months, making the final arrests as part of the operation on September 17-20.

Sheriff Singleton said the 8th North Task Force made over 40 arrests in Hempstead and Nevada Counties and seized $8,605 in cash and varying amounts of alcohol, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, prescription pills, drug paraphernalia and two handguns.

Those arrested locally in the operation include:

Hope/Hempstead County – Takires McClure, Kacey Bunnell, Raymond Rosenbaum, Kimberly Sutton, Donald Barnes, Jonathan Miller, Jonathan Viers, David Hudman, Reid Hill, Christopher Williams, Chris Williams, Aglahe Lopez, John Greene, Dora Odell, Edward Barzar, John Nelson, Leon Nelson Sr., Leon Nelson Jr., Antione Easter, Caesar Contreras, Clifton Henry and Micheal Daniels.

Prescott/ Nevada County- Summer France, Leiva Rivera Kendri, Leyna Rodriguez, Lawrence Purtle, Gary Williams, Tam Ho, Gary Davis, Jamael Loudermill, Steven Taylor, Betty Smith, Terry Spell, Brandon Norris, Jeremy Witherspoon, Larry Burns, Kyron Johnson, Phoebe Parks, Justin Brown, Chris Johnson and Arial Miller.

According to the Sheriff, the statewide operation resulted in 1,260 arrests, the seizure of 211 guns, more than 80 pounds of methamphetamine, nearly 1,300 pounds of marijuana, more than 100 pounds of cocaine, about two pounds of heroin, 228,913 prescription pills, $357,399 and 32 vehicles.

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