Jesse Evans, Editor | Hempstead Herald

The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office is fundraising for the 2018 Operation Christmas/Shop with a Deputy program.

The event, going into its second year, was kicked off in 2017 and was a huge success. Children were matched up with deputies as well as emergency responders from other area law enforcement, fire and EMS to go on a shopping spree to make sure they didn’t go without during Christmas.

Sheriff James Singleton said local businesses and private citizens who purchased adds in the 2018 Day Planner will be hearing from Deputy Rebecca Billings over the next few weeks as she works to get advertisers for the 2019 Day Planner.

Sheriff Singleton said the planners helped raise almost $10,000 last year to buy Christmas presents from Walmart for more that 85 Hempstead County children as well donate bicycles and tricycles to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

The Sheriff said they hope to raise $15,000 this year and to increase the number of children they are able to help have a brighter Christmas to between 125-150.

In addition to the Day Planner, Sheriff Singleton said there will be several other fundraisers leading up to Christmas including a Ranch Rodeo at this year’s District Fair. There will also be funds raised through concession stands at the District Fair and various other events.

If you are interested in donating to the Sheriff’s Office’s 2018 Operation Christmas, Singleton said you can send a check made out the HCSO Operation Christmas to:

Hempstead County Sheriff Operation Christmas
312 South Washington
Hope, AR 71801

Sheriff Singleton expressed his gratitude for everyone who supports the program.  and implored the public to contribute saying, “If you can help us help our kids who may not have as much as other kids to have a better Christmas in 2018 please do so.”

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