HOPE, AR – Three simultaneous raids, including one at KFC, in Hope Wednesday resulted in the arrest of 4 people and the confiscation several thousand dollars in drugs, cash and stolen vehicles.

According to Hemsptead County Sheriff James Singleton, a one-year, undercover investigation culminated in four search warrants being executed across Hope

Edward Barzar

Wednesday, June 27 by the 8th North Task Force. Three warrants were executed at local apartments including Imperial Apartments on South Main Street and the San-Fernando Apartments on Old Lewisville Road. The fourth warrant was executed at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on North Hazel Street. The raids were conducted by law enforcement from the Arkansas State Police, Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office, Hope Police Department, FBI, Prescott Police Department and Nevada County Sheriff’s Office.

Dale Sullivan

According to Sheriff Singleton, the Task Force conducted the raid on KFC at about 4 p.m. Officers closed off the exits to the parking lot and closed the business down for about 2 ½ hours.

Deidra Johnson

According to Singleton, undercover purchases of methamphetamine and other illegal substances were allegedly made from manager Edward Barzar at the KFC over the course of the year-long investigation. Barzar was taken into custody without incident by officers from the Hope Police Department. A search of the restaurant did not turn up any drugs.

Another KFC employee, 23-year-old Tierra Green, was taken into custody for allegedly obstructing government operations and possession of marijuana after, Singlton said, a K-9 alerted on a vehicle in the parking lot.

Tierra Green

While the KFC raid didn’t net any drugs, the three simultaneous raids across town did. According to the Sheriff, Agents confiscated over 100 grams of meth, over a pound of marijuana and a stolen motorcycle. Dale Wayne Sullivan, 53, of Hope, and Deidra Johnson, 24, of Hope, were both arrested for possession of a controlled substance with purpose.

All four were transported to the Hempstead County Detention Facility.

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