UPDATED 5-23-2018 – 12:36 a.m. — The Primary Election results are now complete and there are some changes coming to Hempstead County government in 2019.

Embattled Judge, Haskell Morse, who found himself on the receiving end of many voters anger last year, was defeated in the republican primary by former Hempstead County Sheriff Jerry Crane by a margin of almost 2-to-1. Crane will face-off against unopposed Democrat candidate Allen Flowers in the November General Election.

Two other incumbents on the Quorum Court also lost their seats to challengers. District 6 JP Lynn Montgomery lost his position in a close race to Troy Lerew, Sr., who won by only 10 votes. District 7 JP Mikki Curtis lost by 38 votes to Steve Atchley. No Democrat candidates are running for the positions so Lerew and Atchley will take over the positions in January.

Prosecuting Attorney Christi McQueen easily defeated challenger Angilynn Taylor in Hempstead County. We do not currently have the results from Nevada County, which is also part of the 8th North Judicial District.

We will give the final result of the Prosecutor race once we have the data from Nevada County, as well as final state election results once we can confirm the numbers.

Hempstead County Voting Results

Dem Governor Leticia Sanders 330
Dem Governor Jared K Henderson 222
Rep Governor  Jan Morgan 807
Rep Governor Governor Asa Hutchinson 1364
Rep US Congress Dist 4 Rep. Bruce Westerman 1605
Rep US Congress Dist 4 Randy Caldwell 479
Rep Sec of State  Trevor Drown 750
Rep Sec of State John Thurston 1286
NP State Supreme Court Judge Kenneth Hixson 696
NP State Supreme Court  David Sterling 740
NP State Supreme Court Courtney Goodson 1187
Rep Sec of State Trevor Drown 529
Dem Circuit Clerk Gail Wolfenbarger 182
Rep County Judge Jerry Crane 1261
Rep County Judge  Haskell Morse 645
Rep County Judge Greg Jackson 292
Rep County Clerk Karen M Smith 1188
Rep County Clerk Eva Morehead 977
Rep JP Dist 6  Lynn Montgomery 133
Rep JP Dist 6 Troy Lerew, Sr. 143
Rep JP Dist 7 Jim Burke 82
Rep JP Dist 7 Mikki Curtis 100
Rep JP Dist 7 Steve Atchley 138
NP Prosecuting Attorney Angilynn Taylor 951
NP Prosecuting Attorney Christi McQueen 1856
Hope School Board zone 6 Dickinson 222
Hope School Board zone 6 Love 133
Hope School Board zone 6 Ward 20


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