Jesse Evans, Editor | Hempstead Herald

SHOVER SPRINGS – A couple lost their possessions but escaped uninjured after the RV they were living in caught fire Friday, May 4.

Bobby and Alicia Samuels were home when the fire started shortly after 5 p.m. The two were living in the RV on the property where Alicia’s grandparents house, which also burned, used to be located. The two said they were living in the RV until they could build a house on the property.

Bobby Samuels said he thought the fire originated in the RV’s AC unit and that they had been having some issues with it recently.

Alicia said the fire spread quickly and she was unable to get their belongings due to the fire and heavy smoke. She was forced to flee the RV without even grabbing a pair of shoes.

Southeast Fire Department and the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene. The fireman put the fire out but the RV was already engulfed when they got on scene and was a total loss.

The Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office investigated the fire.

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