Now that election year is under way in earnest, the Arkansas Department of Transportation is reminding citizens that it is unlawful to place campaign signs on right-of-ways of highways in Arkansas.

According to the Arkansas DOT, only official directional, informational and/or regulatory highway signs are allowed on state owned highway property. According to the ARDOT, the size of the right-of-way can vary from highway to highway but a good indicator is usually locations of utilities alongside the road. If you want to be sure, contact your local Highway Department.

The rules don’t only apply to political campaign signs either. The ARDOT advises that any signs placed in highway right-of-ways will be removed by ARDOT Maintenance crews. Small yard signs will be removed immediately. Large billboard signs will be removed only after the owner is notified and given the opportunity to remove them. Owners of signs can visit the local ARDOT Maintenance Office to pick up their removed signs.

ARDOT Director Scott Bennett said, “The Arkansas Department of Transportation encourages everyone to keep these right of way rules in mind and keep the roadsides clear in order to keep our highways as safe as possible.”

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