Former Hempstead County Sheriff Jerry Crane announced his candidacy for Hempstead County Judge this week.

The founding pastor of A Place of Meeting served 28 years in law enforcement in Hempstead County. He concluded his law enforcement service as Sheriff of the county. In a release, Crane said he wanted to express his highest thanks to the citizens of Hempstead County for supporting and entrusting him with the honor of serving as Hempstead County Sheriff and that his desire is to return to serving our county as County Judge.

Crane said as Sheriff he traveled the roads of the county extensively while working throughout the different communities and has a lot of experience working with the Quorum Court, courthouse employees and emergency personnel throughout the county in finding the best ways to serve the citizens.

Crane said one of his goals has always been to unify all department and elected officials. He said that through unity and humility, long desired improvements can be achieved in the community.

He hopes the citizens of Hempstead County will give him the opportunity this election season to serve them again in this new capacity.

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