Patmos Fire Chief David Peters has announced he is running for Hempstead County Coroner in this year’s election.

Peters and his wife Debbie live in Patmos and are long-time Hempstead County residents.

Peters has served as Deputy Coroner since 2013 and currently serves as Chief Deputy Coroner. Peters served in local law enforcement for more than 15 years including serving as Sheriff Jerry Crane’s Chief Deputy and as a detective for the Hope Police Department. He is a certified Emergency Medical Responder and firefighter. In addition to serving as the Patmos Fire Chief Peters serves as Vice President of the Hempstead County Firefighters Association.

Peters said his experience as a police officer, first responder and Deputy Coroner makes him uniquely qualified to serve as Hempstead County Coroner.

Peters said he has always believed the Coroner position should be independent from any of the area funeral homes and promises that if he is elected by the people of Hempstead County he will maintain honesty and integrity in every situation. He said he will always work with law enforcement agencies, funeral homes and families in a fair and equal manner.

Peters said, “I will appreciate your support and look forward to serving you as the Hempstead County Coroner.”

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