Photo by Scott Jester/ROC
ROC Chief Executive Officer Judy Watson and Hope Mayor Steve Montgomery during the Direct Support Professionals Recognition reception Tuesday.

Hope Mayor Steve Montgomery read the official proclamation declaring the observation of Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week in Hope and Hempstead County during a special reception held Tuesday, September 11 honoring the direct support professionals of ROC. Several members of the team at ROC were on hand including ROC Chief Executive Officer Judy Watson.

The proclamation reads as follows:

Whereas, the City of Hope and Hempstead County, along with the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. and the Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson in Little Rock have proclaimed September 10-16, 2017 as “Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week”:

Whereas, direct support worker, personal assistants, in-home support workers and paraprofessionals are known as Direct Support Professionals and are the primary providers of the long-term support and services for millions of individuals; and,

Whereas, Direct support professionals lend necessary support for families and enable individuals with disabilities to lead meaningful, productive and successful lives in the community; and,

Whereas, Federal and State policies, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court, assert the right of a person to live in their own home and in the community as an individual; and,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the City of Hope and Hempstead County;

  • Designates the week beginning September 10, 2017 as “Direct Support Professionals Recognition Wee”; and
  • Recognizes the dedication and vital role of direct support professionals in enhancing the lives of individuals of all ages with disabilities,
  • Commends direct support professionals as integral in supporting the long-term support and services systems of the United States, and
  • Finds that the successful implementations of the public policies of the United State depend on the dedication of direct support professionals.
Photo by Scott Jester/
Mayor Montgomery reading the proclamation for Direct Support Professional Recognition Week Tuesday.


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