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Saturday, May 27

Domestic Disturbance
11:45 p.m. A HCSO deputy was dispatched to 690 Hempstead 40 West in reference to a domestic disturbance.

Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with David Woisard who said he and his wife had only been in a small verbal altercation. The deputy asked David to get his wife Jessica to come to the door in order for him to speak to her and ensure everything was ok.

The deputy made contact with Jessica Woisard who stated that she and David may have had a small argument but were not in any kind of physical fight. Jessica stated that she was not having any problems with David. It did not appear that Jessica had any injuries to her body. The deputy advised Jessica that if she has any problems to contact the Sheriff’s Office.
Sunday, May 28

Alarm Call
2:34 a.m. HCSO Deputies were dispatched to 7678 Highway 278 West in reference to an alarm call.

Upon arrival, deputies found a back door to the office of Morris Auction to be unlocked. Deputies cleared the building and did not observe anything obviously out of place. Deputies then secured the door. Deputies found several more doors that were unlocked leading into a barn area.

Dispatch advised the deputies that they attempted to contact the representative for Morris Auction multiple times but were unable to reach them.


Prohibited Operation of ATV on County Roads
2:44 p.m. HCSO Deputies were dispatched to Hempstead 118 East in reference to a white ATV driven by a black male driving carelessly on the roadway.

Upon arrival to the area, deputies observed a white ATV driven by a black male pulling into the 200 block of Hempstead 118 East. deputies spoke with the driver, Joshua Terrell, who stated that he had been driving up and down the dirt road. The Deputy advised Joshua that ATVs are not allowed on any public road. The Deputy gave Joshua a verbal warning and informed him to keep the ATV off the public roadways.


Assault on a Family Member
7:21 p.m. A HCSO Deputies were dispatched to 3000 West Avenue B in reference to an assault. While en route, deputies were advised that the female caller was disconnected from the call and they were unable to reconnect with her.

Upon arrival, deputies made contact with Shantay Fulks. Shantay stated that she had come to her house where her boyfriend, Alfred Reynolds, was. She stated that when she got there they started arguing and she told him to get out. She stated that he refused to get out so she called 911.

While she was on the phone with dispatch Alfred started trying to get the phone out of her hand. She stated that he grabbed at the phone and grabbed her throat but did not cut off her breathing in any way. She stated that he then hit her in an attempt to get the phone and knocked it out of her hand. She stated that there were several children in the house at the time.

Alfred was arrested and transported to HCDC. He was booked on assault of a family member in the 3rd Degree and interfering with emergency communications.


Welfare Check
10:20 p.m. The HCSO was contacted by a female in reference to a welfare check on her father. She stated that she was concerned for his well-being because she spoke to him earlier in the day and he didn’t sound like himself.

Upon arrival to 6092 Highway 371, the deputy made contact with the father’s wife who stated that he had to work in the morning and was asleep in bed. She stated that she would go get him so the deputy could speak with him.

The deputy spoke with the father who stated that he was perfectly fine and didn’t understand why his daughter would be asking the Sheriff’s Office to check on him.
Monday, May 29

Welfare Check
1:31 a.m. A HCSO Deputy was dispatched to the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office lobby in reference to a welfare check concerning the safety of a juvenile. The deputy responded to the address given and found all was well with the juvenile’s safety.


Welfare Check
3:47 p.m. The HCSO was dispatched to 6967 Highway 371 East in reference to a welfare check.

Upon arrival the deputy made contact with Callie Marsh at 6965 Highway 371 East. The deputy advised Callie that he was there to do a welfare check on Richard Clement, and advised that 6967 Highway 371 East was his last known address.

The deputy advised Callie that Richard’s brother, Joe Clements, wanted the welfare check done because he has not heard from him. Callie informed the deputy that Richard was just out at her residence but went home. She stated that He lives at the Pleasant Ridge Apartments on East 3rd Street in Hope, Arkansas. The deputy advised dispatch of the information and dispatch had a Hope Police Officer go and do the welfare check on Richard Clement.

The officer advised that he made contact with Richard, he was okay and he would make contact with his brother Joe.

The deputy made contact with Joe Clement by phone and was advised his brother had contacted him.

Call for Assistance from outside Agency
6:30 p.m. HCSO was called to assist the Arkansas State Police with a Motor Vehicle Collision at the 18 mile marker of I-30.

Upon arrival the deputy met with Arkansas State Troopers who advised they had a four-car MVC and needed assistance with traffic.

The deputy assisted with traffic control. No other incidents occurred.

Domestic Battery 3rd Degree
6:51 p.m. HCSO Deputies were dispatched to #7 Clingan Country Drive in reference to a domestic disturbance.

Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with Sabrina Hall. Sabrina stated that she asked her husband, Corey Hall, what he was playing on the phone. Sabrina stated that Corey thought she was accusing him of something and got up and charged her. She said that Corey held her by her chin tightly against their refrigerator. Sabrina stated that Corey then head butted her and then slammed his fist into the refrigerator on both sides of her head. Sabrina stated that Corey then pushed her into their living room, held her down on the couch and head butted her again. She said that Corey then pushed her onto the bed and pulled her head back by her ponytail.

Deputy observed that Sabrina’s hair was dishevled like it had been pulled and observed a bruise on her left forearm, which she stated she got the previous day when Corey threw a phone at her. The deputy also observed that there were two dents on the upper door of the refrigerator inside their residence.

The deputy placed Corey under arrest for Domestic Battery 3rd degree and transported him to the Hempstead County Detention Center.

Theft Of Property

10:20 p.m. HCSO Deputies received a call from the police dispatcher regarding a theft of property that occurred in Deanne.

Upon arrival, the deputy met with a 15-year-old male who stated that, at approximately 10:15 p.m., he received a call from one of his friends who told him his horses were out of the pen where they were kept at Deanne.

The juvenile male told the deputy that when he arrived at the location he noticed that someone opened the gate to his horse pen, let his horse out and stole his horse trailer. His trailer was described as a black and gold, two horse, side-by-side, bumper pull. He stated that the trailer was there earlier in the day.

The incident remains under investigation.

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