Jesse Evans, Editor | Hempstead Herald

HOPE, AR – A local business was heavily damaged and a Hope woman transported to the hospital after she crashed her truck through the building early Sunday morning.

Marquilla Harris was traveling north on N. Hazel St. in her Dodge Dakota shortly after 1 a.m. when she lost control, spun across and off the road, skid sideways about 40 yards and crashed into the front of the Hope Fish Market. The truck crashed through the building, taking out the support beams, the entire front of the building, a large display case, much of the interior and the northeast corner of the building. The truck then continued through a prefab metal carport, across the parking lot and through a fence at the back of the property before finally coming to a stop.

Harris said she swerved to avoid a vehicle that was partially in the road. There was no word or witness statement on how fast Harris was traveling at the time but the evidence at the scene indicated the truck was traveling well in excess of the 40 mph speed limit.

The Hope Police Department, Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office and Pafford EMS were all dispatched to the fish market where a large group of onlookers was on the scene. Despite the large group no witnesses were located.

Harris’ sister said that her cousin was also in the truck but was apparently not injured. Harris was transported to Wadley Regional Medical Center.

The Hope Police Department is still investigating the crash. There is no word currently if Harris will receive any citations.

Owner Jim Cunningham was contacted and arrived on the scene. He was amazed at the damage but unrattled. He and his family worked in the rain to clear the building of any valuables until he can make the building secure.


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