Mark Keith

Hope Public Schools Superintendent Steve Bradshaw presented a two-part program to the Kiwanis Tuesday. Bradshaw spoke to the club at their weekly lunch meeting about construction underway at Beryl Henry before the group drove to the campus to get a firsthand look.

Bradshaw said the new classroom wing being added to the school will replace the metal buildings that have been on the campus for 40 years. One of the biggest features of the wing is a safe room with 10″ thick walls rated for winds of 250 mph. Bradshaw said that when weather warnings are issued, the doors will automatically unlock so the public can take shelter in the safe room.

In addition to the safe room the new wing will also contain a gymnasium, an art room, a computer lab, three classrooms, a facility for in-school suspension, a media center/library, new restrooms, a choir room, a band room, two special education classrooms and a project lab.

Bradshaw said the total cost of the work is $4,212,000 with another $277,396 slated for a concrete bus drive and asphalt fire lane.  State partnership funds of $1,097,639 went towards this project.

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