According to AHTD District Engineer Steve Frisbee, two bridges that cross over I-30  two miles apart were struck and damaged by an over-sized load yesterday evening.

Frisbee said a truck hauling an excavator on a Lowboy trailer struck both bridges in Miller County around 7 p.m. Thursday, April 13. Frisbee said the heavy equipment wasn’t loaded properly and was riding too high on the trailer. The bridges were at approximately the 8 and 10 mile marker. The bridges are on Miller County Roads  63 and 53 and lead to local farms.

Frisbee said both bridges sustained damage to beams, which were bent in the impact. Frisbee and a crew of inspectors and another engineer conducted an initial assessment of both bridges Thursday evening. Frisbee said their assessment concluded that the bridges will need repairs  but they don’t pose any danger. As a precaution, the bridges were reduced to one lane to keep any heavy loads off the side that was damaged.

The bridges are constructed with five beams wit ha reinforced concrete deck. Frisbee said the beams and deck won’t need to be replaced and the roads will remain open when the repairs are carried out. He said the beams will likely be heat-straighted and possibly reinforced if necessary.

Frisbee said these types of damages are common and they deal with them regularly around Arkansas.

The Arkansas State Police worked the incident but a report is not available at this time to determine if there were any citations made against the driver or company for the damages to the bridges.

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