Jesse Evans, Editor | Hempstead Herald

A Hope man is in jail after crashing a motorcycle that turned out to be stolen.

The crash occurred just before 10 p.m. Wednesday April 5. Hope Police Officers and Pafford EMS were dispatched to the 1700 block of West Avenue B for a motorcycle crash with injuries. Officers arrived on scene and located a black Honda CBR in the road along with a bloodied Tommy Cole. The motorcycle was located in front of Cole’s residence.

The crew from Pafford 213 checked Cole’s injuries but Cole refused to be treated or transported to the hospital.

Cole’s account of what happened and evidence at the scene did not appear to corroborate each other. Cole told officers that he was traveling east on Avenue B when the crash happened. He also told officers that he was riding on the back of the motorcycle because he had been drinking so he had an unidentified female drive him home. Cole said that he didn’t know what happened other than they were riding along and suddenly went down.

Skid marks that stretched almost 400 feet indicated that Cole was actually traveling west on Avenue B and at a significant speed when he laid the Honda down. About 195 feet into the skid laid Cole’s hat and 240 feet into the skid was a bloody hand print on the eastbound lane. The Honda continued to skid another 250 feet beyond where Cole came to rest.

The female Cole said was driving the bike at the time of the wreck was not at the scene though Cole’s father said someone had knocked on his door. Mr. Cole said whoever knocked was already going away from the house and unidentifiable when he answered the door.

A check of the motorcycle’s VIN showed the motorcycle was stolen out of Chicago in August of 2014. Cole told officers he traded a four-wheeler to someone for the motorcycle. The motorcycle was impounded and transported from the scene by Reese’s Wrecker Service.

Cole was placed under arrest by Officer Haley and escorted to his squad car. Before placing him inside, Haley looked again at Cole’s head and took him to be checked again by the paramedic. Cole again refused to be transported to the hospital by ambulance and was instead transported by Officer Haley to the Hempstead County Detention Center. Haley later transported Cole to the ER before returning him to the jail.

Cole was charged with DWI and Theft by Receiving.


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