Submitted by Sheriff James Singleton

Saturday, April 1

Aggravated Assault
12:23 a.m. Deputy Loe was dispatched to 3040 Hempstead 16 in reference to a private property crash.

Upon arrival, Deputy Loe made contact with the caller who stated an individual had been at his house earlier in the evening and started arguing with his girlfriend. The caller told Loe he asked the man to leave and he became very irate and attempted to fight him.

The caller told Deputy Loe that  the man then got into a white Chrysler Pacifica and attempted to run him over multiple times. The caller said that one of the attempts to run him over resulted in the man crashing into the rear left side bumper of his 2006 Honda Odyssey, damaging the rear door so it wouldn’t open and dislodging the bumper. The caller told Deputy Loe the man then left the residence heading toward Prescott.

Deputy Loe observed several tire tracks in the yard that indicated a vehicle moved back and forth multiple times while spinning the tires. The caller provided Deputy Loe with the identity of the Suspect and the vehicle involved.

The incident remains under investigation.

Domestic Dispute
12:26 a.m. Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to 3711 Highway 67 East Lot #2 in reference to a domestic disturbance.

While en route, Deputy Sorensen observed a black male matching the description of the subject and made contact with him.

The man told Sorensen he had been drinking earlier at a friend’s house and when he returned home his fiancé started yelling at him. He told Deputy Sorense she threatened to call her sister and have her and her boyfriend come over and beat him up. He said he was going to wait on the front porch for the deputies to arrive but left when his fiance made the threat.

When Deputy Sorensen went to the residence he made contact with a female who told him the man had hidden all of the knives from the kitchen and had threatened her with them. Deputy Sorensen asked her how the man had threatened her and she replied that he had hidden the knives.

Deputy Sorensen spoke with the man again and inquired about the knives. The man told Sorensen his finance had been acting crazy lately and he hid them so she wouldn’t try to hurt him.

Criminal Mischief

11:51 a.m. Sergeant Bush was dispatched to 770 Hempstead 23 in reference to criminal mischief.

Upon arrival, Sgt Bush made contact with David Salisbury who told him someone hit his mailbox some time between 11:30 p.m. the previous night and 11:00 a.m. that morning. Salisbury stated that it happened while he was asleep and he did not hear or see anything.

Sgt Bush observed that the large auger bit that Salisbury used for a mailbox post was damaged low to the ground and bent as though someone hit it as they were traveling north on Hempstead 23. Sgt Bush was unable to locate any vehicle parts or evidence of what hit the mailbox.

Aggravated Assault
6:00 p.m. Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to the Hempstead County Detention Center regarding a fight.

Upon arrival, Sorensen made contact with Detention Officer Shelby who told him he was in C-pod around 5:21 p.m. and heard a loud noise coming from D-pod. He said he ran to D-pod, opened the door and observed two inmates fighting. Shelby to ld Sorensen he separated the two and determined that the aggressor was 22-year-old K’harie Anderson who was being held for failure to appear.

Deputy Sorensen made contact with 21-year-old Timothy Thompson, also being held for failure to appear, who said he had been given a newspaper earlier in the day, which he left on his bed in D-Pod. He told Deputy Sorensen he later noticed part of the newspaper was gone. He said he asked several people where his newspaper was but they said they didn’t know.

Thompson told Deputy Sorensen he then observed the newspaper on the end of K’harie Thompson’s bed. He said he grabbed the newspaper and accused K’harie of taking it. He and K’harie then got into a verbal argument which turned physical. Thompson stated he believed he blacked out at that point didn’t remember anything else until he woke up lying on the floor.

Thompson was transported to Wadley Regional Medical Center ER by Hempstead County Transport Officers. The incident remains under Investigation.

Criminal Mischief
10:45 p.m. Deputy Loe was dispatched to 4440 Highway 29 South in reference to criminal mischief.

Upon arrival, Deputy Loe made contact with Thomas Jimenez who stated he had surveillance footage of someone damaging his mailbox. Jimenez told Loe the footage showed a car stop in front of his mailbox and turn its lights off at about 4 a.m. He said it then showed a person get out of the passenger door and begin to violently push and pull the mailbox in an apparent attempt to tear it from the pole where it was mounted.

Jimenez showed Deputy Loe a copy of the video but it was not clear enough to determine a make and model of the vehicle or to get a clear description of the individual attempting to dislodge the mailbox. The vehicle was stopped for only approximately 20 seconds before the passenger returned and the car drove away, heading South on Highway 29. The vehicle exited the camera frame and it wasn’t clear what direction of travel the car made after leaving the residence.

Deputy Loe told Mr. Jimenez that the HCSO would increase patrols in the area.

Sunday, April 2

Reported Stolen Dog
6:51 p.m. Deputy Loe was given a name and number by dispatch in reference to a possible theft.

Deputy Loe made contact with April Helmick who stated her dog had been gone a few days and she was concerned it may have been stolen to be used in dog fights.

Helmick told Deputy Loe that sometime on Thursday March 30 she let her service dog Sugar, a female red nose Pit Bull, outside to use the restroom. She told Loe that Sugar usually goes behind the house and will chase wildlife but normally returns a short time later. Helmick said she called out for her several times that night but she never returned. Helmick said she didn’t think anything of it at the time since the dog will sometimes sleep under the carport.

Helmick said she searched for Sugar and requested help finding her on social media but didn’t consider contacting the Sheriff’s Office until a few days later when she realized her dog may have been stolen.

Helmick told Deputy Loe she believed that Sugar was stolen because she has extensive training and would rarely, if ever, roam away from the house. She said she doesn’t have any idea who may have taken her dog but thinks someone may have taken her to use in dog fights.

Helmick told Deputy Loe Sugar’s value is about $1,000.

Monday, April 3

Crash: Outside Agency Assist
5:00 a.m. Deputy McBride was dispatched to the 6000 block of Highway 278 West in reference to an animal collision. Upon arrival, Mc Bride saw a black Nissan Altima pulled over facing east in the westbound lane. The driver stated that he hit a large, brown horse.

Trooper Darren Henley arrived on scene at this time and Deputy McBride turned the accident over to him.

The vehicle was towed by Blevins Wrecker.

Assault: Home Invasion
6:30 a.m. Deputy McBride was dispatched to 146 Hempstead 23 lot 11 in reference to a residential burglary.

Upon arrival, Deputy McBride made contact with the 38-year-old female victim who stated she was attacked in her home by two men in ski masks.

The woman told Deputy McBride she was in bed when she heard someone attempting to break into her residence through the air conditioning unit. She told Deputy McBride that it sounded like someone then attempted to rip the under pinning of her trailer. She said that she then heard something that sounded like a duck call.

She told Deputy McBride that she must have dozed off at that point and woke back up to a loud noise in her living room. She said her dog stood up at the end of the bed just before two white males entered her bedroom wearing ski masks and long sleeve button-up shirts. She reported that one of the men grabbed her dog and held it down on the bed while the other grabbed her and pulled her off the bed. She said he demanded her cell phone. Then, she told the deputy, the man used her phone and texted her husband “Say bye to the BITCH.” The men reportedly entered through the front door of the house. Deputy McBride did not find any damage to the door.

Pafford EMS responded to check the woman but she refused medical attention. Deputy McBride reported he was unable to locate any marks or injuries on the woman.

Theft of Property
9:00 a.m. Deputy McBride made contact with Patrick Martin at the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office in reference to a theft of a firearm. Martin stated that he was working at his property at the end of Hempstead 153 when he discovered a hog and his Marlin 30-30 both missing. He said the Marlin was rusted, had a dark brown wood stock and a homemade fluorescent rear sight.

Burglary / Theft of Property
10:30 a.m. Deputy McBride was dispatched to 2403 West Plainview in reference to a residential burglary.

Upon arrival, Deputy McBride spoke with Hal Goud who stated that he returned home after being gone two weeks and found several items missing.

Goud told Deputy McBride that a black refrigerator, a marble top table, a queen size bed, two brown end tables and an antique toy-box had been removed from the house.

Goud said his father also stays at the residence but he had been gone for three days.

Deputy McBride found the back door to the house was open and the lock was damaged and non-functional. Goud told him that it had been that way for a while.

Criminal Mischief
11:30 a.m. Deputy McBride was contacted at the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office by Malissa Chaney in reference to criminal mischief. Malissa stated that someone came into her yard and shot her dog on March 31, 2017. She said that the she found the dog in a pile of leaves behind her shop. She said the dog was not chained up or in a pen.

Harassing Communications
3:31 p.m. Deputy Malone was notified by dispatch that someone was in the lobby of the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office needing to speak to a deputy about harassment.

Upon arrival, Deputy Malone made contact with the female who stated that, her ex-boyfriend had texted her 13 times that day and called her phone approximately 7 times over the previous two days. She told Deputy Malone that she wants he ex-boyfriend to leave her alone.

Deputy Malone made contact with the ex-boyfriend and informed him to stop texting and calling the victim or he would be charged with harassment.
Domestic Disturbance/Warrant Service
6:51 p.m. Deputy Turberville was dispatched to 215 Hempstead 248 in reference to a domestic disturbance.

Dispatch advised Deputy Turberville that the caller, Carolyn Porter, stated her son Michael Lewis was inside her residence and she wanted him removed for the property.

Upon arrival, Deputy Turberville made contact with Porter who reported that when she was getting ready to go into work earlier in the day her son asked if he could use her phone. She said she told him no and he became very belligerent. She reported she then got into her vehicle and called 911. While she was in the vehicle, she said, her son swung a garden rake or a garden hoe and struck the side of her vehicle.

Deputy Turberville made contact with Lewis inside the residence. Lewis told Deputy Turberville that he did not know what was going on.

After running a warrant check, Deputy Tuberville placed Lewis under arrest for a failure to appear warrant with the Hempstead County for the amount of $1,135 and a failure to appear warrant with the Hope Police Department in the amount of $2,950.

Lewis was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center.

Roadway Obstruction
7:16 p.m. Deputy Malone was dispatched to the 200 block of Hempstead 33 South in reference to someone’s trailer blocking the roadway.

Upon his arrival, Deputy Malone observed a flatbed trailer parked on the side of the road in front of 296 Hempstead 33 South. The trailer was partly on the road but was not blocking traffic. Deputy Malone determined the trailer wasn’t a road hazard and notified the complainant.

Tuesday, April 4

Suspicious Person
1:57 a.m. Deputy Malone was dispatched to 3000 West Avenue B, Apt 64 in reference to a suspicious person.

Upon arrival, Deputy Malone made contact with Destinee Roy who stated that within the previous ten minutes someone started banging on her door and telling her to let them in. Destinee said she refused and told the person to leave. She stated that she didn’t get a look at the person and didn’t know who they were.

Roy told Deputy Malone that she initially pretended to call police but the person at the door called her bluff and continued beating on her door. She said she then called 911 and put the phone on speaker so the person could hear the dispatcher. She said the person then stopped beating on her door and left before Deputy Malone arrived. Malone found no one out around the apartment complex.

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