Jesse Evans, Editor | Hempstead Herald

A Texarkana woman walked away from a crash late Monday afternoon without serious injury on Highway 67 East just outside Emmet.

Janice Hampton, 69, of Texarkana, was traveling east on Highway 67 to make deliveries for Red River Courier Service when she lost control of her company car and ran off into a deep ditch between the highway and the railroad tracks. Hampton said she tried to save it, but she couldn’t get the Toyota Corolla back onto the highway once the passenger tires dropped off the shoulder. The Corolla crashed through a highway sign and heavy brush before coming to a stop. Hampton said she was very grateful to some individuals who stopped to check on her and helped her from the car.

Arkansas State Troopers and Pafford EMS responded to the scene. The crew from Pafford 212 checked Hampton at the back of the ambulance. Hampton had some mild abrasions and bruising. She said the medic checked her blood pressure and she was fine. She was not transported to the hospital.

Trooper Bussey investigated the crash and stood by with Hampton until her ride and the wrecker arrived on scene.


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