Kenneth Earl Lamb

A Hope man is in jail after he allegedly made threats against another man and attacked him with a knife Thursday night.

Deputies Loe and Sorensen were dispatched to a residence at 3518 Highway 278 West at approximately 8:30 p.m. on March 23 for a possible stabbing. They were advised en route that the suspect, Kenneth Earl Lamb, 40, of Hope, was still at the residence and standing in the front yard with a knife but the victim, Chase Powell, had left already in a white Ford F-150. While the deputies responded to the scene, Officers from the Hope Police Department attempted to locate Chase in the city. Pafford EMS also responded but the call was cancelled since no one knew the location of Powell.
According to Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton, Deputy Loe made contact with Lamb when he arrived on scene and told him to show his hands. Loe confiscated a camouflage and orange Mossy Oak knife from Lamb’s back pocket.

Kayla Powell and her mother, Janie Williams, were on scene and told Deputy Loe Lamb had been at the residence all day and was extremely intoxicated. Kayla told Loe that she asked Lamb to leave six different times but he refused. She reported to Deputy Loe that she was about to call the Sheriff’s Office when her husband Chase Powell arrived. She said Lamb had been waiting there for Chase.

Kayla told Deputies when Chase came up to the house, Lamb took the opportunity to come up behind Chase and attempt to stab him with the knife. She said she saw Lamb approaching and attempted to push Chase out of the way when he attacked. Kayla reported she wasn’t sure if the knife made contact but Chase went to the ground and made a noise as if he had been struck. She said Lamb told Chase we would beat him the next time he saw him.
Deputy Loe placed Lamb under arrest for aggravated assault and terroristic Threatening, 1st degree. Lamb was placed in Deputy Sorensen’s truck and transported to the Hemsptead County Detention Center. He is awaiting his first court appearance.
We are unable to ascertain the condition of Powell at this time.
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