Jesse Evans, Editor | Hempstead Herald

The owner of a truck found on fire early this morning on Hempstead 23 told deputies it was stolen from his business sometime last night.

Hempstead County Sheriff Deputies and the Deann Fire Department were dispatched around 2 a.m. this morning to the 500 block of Hempstead 23 for a vehicle on fire. The vehicle was discovered on the side of the of the northbound lane by a paper delivery driver who said the fire was concentrated in the cab of the truck when he drove up on it.

Deputies arrived on scene and reported the truck was fully involved. They were able to get the license plate number off the truck before the fire destroyed it. They ran the plate and learned it belonged to Randy Fatherree of Nashville.

There was no driver found with the Ford and the fire was too intense to determine if there was anyone in the cab. Deann firefighters arrived on scene and put the fire out, which had spread from the truck into the ditch and treeline along the road. Once it was safe to check, it was determined there was no one inside the truck and it was apparently abandoned.

Contact was made with Fatherree who told deputies he left the truck at his shop in Mineral Springs when he left work that evening and wasn’t aware it was missing. He was instructed to file a stolen vehicle report with Howard County.

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