Marcus Ballard

A Conway man is in jail after being charged for allegedly assaulting family members and threatening to sic the Aryan Nation on deputies.

Marcus Ballard, 30, of Conway is charged with Battery 2nd Degree, Domestic Battery 3rd Degree and Terroristic Threatening 1st Degree after a domestic disturbance in progress call in the Bois d’Arc area Saturday, March 18.

According to Sheriff James Singleton, Deputy Loe was dispatched to 595 Hempstead 11 on the south side of Bois d’Arc lake at approximately 1:32 a.m. after Ballard’s sister, Andrea Ballard, called and said he was threatening family members with a knife. Deputy Sorensen also responded to back Loe up.

According to Sheriff Singleton, when Deputy Loe arrived, he found Ballard outside standing next to a vehicle. Loe reported Ballard had several injuries to his face that appeared to be a result of a physical altercation. He also reported Ballard appeared very intoxicated, was exhibiting slurred speech and having trouble standing.

Loe reported he was then approached by Andrea Ballard who identified herself as Marcus Ballard’s sister. She told Loe that Ballard had been drinking since earlier in the day and had become increasingly violent. She reported that she and her fiance, John Witcher, attempted to calm Ballard down without success.

Andrea said the altercation started when Marcus Ballard grabbed her by the throat and pulled her hair. She reported that when she was unable to get him off of her Witcher attempted to pull him off and Ballard turned his attack to him. Andrea told Deputy Loe Witcher was forced to defend himself.

Andrea told Loe that after the initial fight between the two men, her brother got a pocket knife and began threatening to stab everyone at the residence. She reported he then attacked Witcher with the knife and cut him on the left bicep. Witcher also told Deputy Loe his injuries were a result of Ballard attacking him.

Witcher reportedly told Deputy Loe that, after cutting him, Ballard went after Andrea with the knife but she was able to disarm him and threw the knife into the grass. Deputies Loe and Sorensen searched the area but did not locate the knife.

Pafford EMS responded to the scene but Witcher and Ballard both refused treatment.

Deputy Loe arrested Ballard and placed him in Deputy Sorensen’s patrol truck for transport to the Hempstead County Detention Center. During transport, Ballard reportedly started kicking the divider and told Deputy Sorensen he was going to tell detention officers that he and Deputy Loe caused the injuries to his face. He the reportedly told Deputy Sorensen the he and Deputy Loe had “f***ed with the wrong guy” and to wait until he told the Aryan Nation they had arrested him. He then reportedly asked what county he was in and how many deputies worked for the Sheriff’s Office before telling Deputy Sorensen “all of your houses are going to explode at the same time.” He is reported to have also told Sorensen that he wasn’t going into the jail and he would have to be tasered or shot before he went in.

Deputy Sorensen reported that when they arrived at the Hempstead County Detention Center Ballard Detention Officers Mills and Aaron met them in the Sally Port to assist. Mills removed Ballard and escorted him inside without further incident.

Ballard was booked for Battery 2nd Degree, Domestic Battery 3rd Degree and Terroristic Threatening 1st Degree. He is awaiting his first court appearance.

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