Friday, March 17

Theft of Property
10 a.m. Deputy Dunham met with Nicholas Gilbert of Hope who reported his company laptop and its carrying bag were stolen out of work truck at his residence on Southern Hills Dr. The laptop belongs to Enable Gas Transmission and is described as a black HP Notebook 650.

Fraud /Media Scam
3:30 p.m. Deputy Sorensen was dispatched to a residence on Highway 371 in reference to a possible scam.

When Sorensen arrived, he spoke with the caller who told him she received a phone call from someone identifying themself as being with Nationwide Courier. She said the man told her their company was going to deliver a certified letter to her house Friday afternoon. The caller told Deputy Sorensen that she was worried it may be a scam because the man sounded nervous to her and wouldn’t tell her what it was in reference to. She said she was given a phone number and a case number to use to find out what it was in reference to. Sorensen called the number several times and was unable to make contact with anyone.

Theft of Property

2:35 p.m. Deputy Dunham made contact with David Jones who told him plants were missing from his property at 6467 Highway 371 in Blevins.

Saturday, March 18

Battery 2nd Degree, Domestic Battery 3rd Degree, and Terroristic Threatening 1st Degree

Marcus Ballard

1:32 a.m. Deputy Loe was dispatched to 595 Hempstead 11 near Bois d’Arc Lake for a domestic disturbance in progress call. Loe was told Marcus Ballard, 30, of Conway, was at the residence and had threatened family members with a knife. Ballard allegedly cut one man on the scene and physically assaulted his sister.

He was arrested and transported to the HCDC. While en route to the jail, Ballard allegedly kicked the divider and made threats toward deputies including notifying the Aryan Nation and blowing up all the deputies’ houses.

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Domestic Battery 3rd

Mayani Baza

2:45 p.m. According to the report, Deputy Sorensen responded to 7679 Highway 278 West in reference to a domestic disturbance. When he arrived he made contact with Deputy Barnhill who told him there had been an altercation between Pedro Capetillo and Mayani Baza.

Deputy Sorensen made contact with and spoke to Baza with the help of Hope Police Dispatcher Valazquez who translated for them by phone. Baza told Sorensen Capetillo was angry at her and hit her in the mouth but would not tell him why he hit her. Sorensen reported a small laceration inside Baza’s upper lip.

After interviewing Baza, Deputy Sorensen spoke with Capetillo who told him Baza became angry at him because she thought he had her keys. Capetillo reported he repeatedly told her he did not have her keys but she continued to accuse him. He told Sorensen she then punched him in his left eye before he got away from her and walked away. Sorensen asked if he hit her at any point. Capetillo told him that he didn’t remember doing so but he did have to try to get her off of him. Deputy Sorensen reported swelling and discoloration below Capetillo’s left eye.

Deputy Sorensen filled out a Domestic Violence Lethality Screening for Capetillo and provided him with a victim’s rights and responsibilities card. Capetillo told Deputy Sorensen he wanted to get an order of protection against Baza and Sorensen advised him how.

Deputy Sorensen arrested Baza and transported her to the Hempstead County Detention Center. She was charged with Domestic Battery 3rd Degree. She is awaiting her first court appearance.

Residential Burglary
5 p.m. Deputy Loe responded to a residence on Hempstead 185 in reference to a theft. He spoke to James Jones who told him several power tools were missing from a residence he and his son have been working on. He reported missing two Craftsman drills he valued at $140, a miter saw he valued at $150, a jigsaw he valued at $40 and a reciprocating saw valued at $90.

Residential Burglary
6:28 p.m. Deputy Loe responded to a residence on Hempstead 242 in reference to a theft. Loe made contact with Jonathan Dickerson who reported that when he came home home he noticed several guns missing from the gun cabinet. He said when he inspected his house he also noticed his metal lock box that contained payment books, social security cards and other paper effects was also missing.

House Fire
6:28 p.m. Deputy Sorensen responded to 202 Hempstead 282 South in reference to a house fire. Upon arrival Sorensen made contact with Randy Walters who told him the house was his mother’s, Sue Walters. Blevins and McCaskill Fire Departments were already on scene when the deputies arrived. Deputy Sorensen spoke with several firefighters who reported the house was fully engulfed when they arrived on scene. The origin of the fire is unknown at this time.

Domestic Disturbance
11:40 p.m. Deputy Loe responded to 229 Highway 299 in Emmet in reference to a domestic disturbance.
When he arrived on scene Deputy Loe spoke with the caller who told him Martha Elmer and Thomas Carter had been fighting. The caller told Sorensen the fighting was constant and he was tired of it so he decided to contact the Sheriff’s Office. The caller told Deputy Sorensen that Carter left the residence on foot in an unknown direction and that Elmer was still inside her residence.

Deputy Sorensen spoke with Elmer who who told him Carter wasn’t staying with her and was texting her constantly even though she wouldn’t reply. Elmer told Sorensen that Carter came to her front door and asked her to let him in. She said when she told him to go away he said “you don’t tell me to go away.” Elmer told Deputy Sorensen Carter then punched out the window on her front door and began to kick it violently.

Deputy Sorensen observed broken glass on the floor inside the residence, several drops of blood on the porch, smeared blood on the window blinds and exterior wall and dents in the door consistent with being kicked.

Deputy Sorensen asked Elmer if the blood belonged to Carter and she said he told her he was cut and bleeding. She told Sorensen that Carter was unable to get inside her residence and that she wasn’t injured in the incident. She reported Carter left on foot but she didn’t know which way he went.

Deputy Sorensen conducted a search for Carter with the assistance of Nevada County Deputies but they were unable to locate him. The incident remains under investigation by the HCSO.

Sunday, March 19

Sexual Assault 4th Degree
12:40 p.m. Deputy Dunham was contacted by dispatch and told to make contact with a woman in reference to a sexual assault of a 13-year-old female.

The woman told Deputy Dunham that an adult male ripped her granddaughter’s clothes off at some chicken houses near Hope. The incident is under investigation by HCSO Investigators.


6:10 p.m. Deputy Sorensen was responded to Highway 299 in reference to a battery.

Upon arrival Deputy Sorensen made contact with the 18-year-old female victim who reported she was assaulted while at her friend’s houseSunday. She told Sorensen she was sitting in the bedroom when a male, came in, pushed her onto the bed and grabbed her by the throat. She said she never lost consciousness or the ability to breathe. Deputy Sorensen observed two bruises on her neck which the female said were from the male grabbing her throat. She told Deputy Sorensen that she had only seen the male once before and didn’t know him.

The incident is under investigation by HCSO Investigators

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