Two men who were arrested earlier this week for stealing a car have had the charge dropped and the car’s owner has been arrested for filing a false report that led to their arrest.

Brandon Elkins and Jake Ganous were both arrested and charged with theft of a black Mitsubishi Eclipse belonging to Ryan Stinson after they crashed the car on Hempstead 27 South early Tuesday morning. The arrests were made based on a report from Stinson who told Deputy Dunham he never gave Elkins and Ganous permission to take his car.
According to Sheriff James Singleton, Investigators Dorman and Crane investigated the theft and were able to determine Stinson filed a false report about his car being stolen.

Since Elkins and Ganous were arrested based on that report, the theft of property charge was dropped and both were released from custody. Elkins is still charged with no driver’s license and Ganous is still charged with no seat-belt as a result of the original incident.

Stinson, 23, of Nashville, was arrested by investigators Thursday, March 16 and charged with filing a false report to law enforcement officers, a Class D felony. He was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center where he is awaiting his first court appearance.



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