Photo by Jesse Evans, Editor

A Blevins man was transported to the hospital after he crashed his car head-on into a tree early Wednesday morning.

Donny Lane was traveling east on Highway 371 on his way to work at about 4:40 a.m. Wednesday, March 15 when the crash happened. Lane said when he got to the Bonds Dr intersection a truck pulled out in front of him without  slowing down. Lane said he swerved to avoid the truck. Lane crossed the westbound lane and crashed his Chevrolet Cruz head-on into a large pine tree on the north side of the highway. Lane said the driver of the truck stopped long enough to apologize then immediately left the scene.

Blevins Fire Department, Pafford EMS and the Arkansas State Police were called out for the crash. Blevins firs responders were first on scene. They made contact with Lane, who was still in his car, and set up traffic control. They checked on Lane, whose injuries did not appear to be severe, and had him remain in his car until Pafford got on scene.

Pafford arrived and assessed Lane in his car. He was able to walk to the ambulance under his own power. Pafford transported Lane to Howard Memorial Hospital in Nashville.

Trooper David Hamilton investigated the crash.

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