Patrick Davis

A Magnolia man was arrested and charged Monday with cocaine possession after a traffic stop in Hemsptead County.

According to Hempstead County Sheriff James Singelton, Investigator Gary Dorman observed a black Jeep traveling south on Hempstead 3 (Patmos Rd) Tuesday, March 7. Dorman saw the Jeep cross the center line three times. Dorman was waiting to reach a safe location to initiate a stop but the Jeep pulled over into the ditch with half of the vehicle still in the road. Seeing it as unsafe, Dorman turned on his emergency lights and pulled behind the Jeep.

Dorman reported that when he activated his emergency lights the passenger, later identified as Patrick Davis, 35, became visibly nervous. Davis began moving around very quickly inside the Jeep and then opened his door. Dorman made contact with Davis and asked if everything was alright. Davis told Dorman everything was fine and they had just stopped so he could “relieve himself”.

Dorman reported observing a strong odor of marijuana coming from the Jeep and a cigar wrapper commonly used to roll marijuana in Davis’ hand. Dorman said when he inquired about the cigar wrapper Davis replied, “it’s a blunt.”

Dorman asked Davis to step out of the Jeep and took possession of the cigar wrapper. Dorman reported the wrapper was full of what he believed to be marijuana. He instructed Davis to put his hands behind his back and informed him he was being detained for possession of marijuana. As he was handcuffing Davis, Dorman reported spotting a baggie containing a green, leafy substance laying on the ground beneath the vehicle under Davis’ door. Dorman said he then asked what the bag was and Davis told him it was the marijuana he used to roll the blunt.

Dorman then reported seeing another bag with a white, rock-like substance in it on the ground next to the suspected marijuana. Dorman suspected the substance to be crack cocaine. Dorman then retrieved the bags and placed Davis under arrest from possession of cocaine.

Davis was transported to the Hempstead County Detention Center where he is being held for possession of a controlled substance and possession with purpose to deliver (cocaine).

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