Jesse Evans, Editor | Hempstead Herald

A Star City man and woman escaped injury when their truck caught fire on the bypass Monday afternoon.

Hope Fire Department and Hope Police Department were dispatched to the fire on Bill Clinton Bypass at Highway 67 East around 2:25 p.m. Monday, March 6.

When firefighters arrived on scene the the back of the silver Toyota Tacoma was engulfed. Approaching the scene, a dark column of smoke was visible and the sound of the rear tires exploding could be heard.

Firefighters worked to put the fire out while police directed traffic. The fire was brought under control quickly.

The Toyota was driven by Kelly Burns of Star City. She and her father, James Burns, were on their way back to Star City after picking up some of Kelly’s belonging in Texarkana. They said they were at the intersection when people started flagging them down and pointing to the fire. Burns said they first saw the fire coming up between the truck’s bed and cab. They pulled over and got clear of the truck. Mr. burns pulled a full propane tank out of the back of the truck as they moved away from it.

Both Kelly and James escaped with no injury though their truck and Kelly’s belongings were a total loss.

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