A man is badly injured after an argument reportedly escalated quickly to violence and he was stabbed multiple times.

The victim was located just before 9:30 p.m. Saturday, March 4 at the intersection of Elm St and South Wilbur Jones in Ozan. According to people on scene, the victim got into an argument with the suspect. They said the argument quickly escalated and the suspect stabbed him multiple times in the torso.

Hempstead County Deputies, Pafford EMS and first responders from Ozan and Yancy Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to the scene. They arrived on scene and found the victim but the suspect had already fled.

EMS worked to stabilize the man before carrying him to the ambulance and transporting him to meet a helicopter from LifeNet at the Ozan Fire Department where firefighters had already set up a landing zone.

The helicopter landed and the flight crew got on-board the ambulance with the Pafford crew where they worked to stabilize the victim and prep him for the flight.

The victim was loaded into the helicopter and flown to St. Vincent in Hot Springs.

The extent of the man’s injuries are unknown at this time. Deputies are currently attempting to locate the suspect. We will update with more information as we learn further details.

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