Stephen Newton

A man arriving to serve time over the weekend found himself with additional charges after deputies found him laying in a parking spot at the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office Friday afternoon.

According to Sheriff James Singleton, Deputy Sorensen pulled into the parking lot at the Sheriff’s Office at approximately 3:10 p.m. Friday, March 3 when he observed Deputy Loe speaking to a 43-year-old Stephen Newton of Hope who laying in a parking space.

Deputy Sorensen made contact with Newton and Deputy Loe. According to the Sheriff, Loe told Sorensen that Newton was there to serve court-ordered time over the weekend for a 2016 DWI conviction. The deputies reported that Newton was intoxicated to the point his speech was slurred so that he was difficult to understand. They said Newton told them he didn’t want to go into the jail yet.

The deputies reported they asked Newton how much he had to drink and he replied, “a lot, but I’m not driving.” They said they advised him he could either enter the Detention Center and start his time or he would be arrested for Public Intoxication.

According to Sheriff Singleton, Newton continued to tell Deputies Loe and Sorensen he wasn’t ready to go into the jail and was going to continue sitting there. Deputies then placed Newton under arrest and assisted him to his feet. They reported they placed him in handcuffs and had to assist him into the jail because he was unable to walk on his own. Newton was charged with Public Intoxication.

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