Tina Pennington

A suspicious person call in Hempstead County Wednesday resulted in a trip to jail for a Prescott woman who reportedly banged her head into a Deputy’s vehicle repeatedly after saying she was just trying to get home.

According to Sheriff James Singleton, Deputy Malone was dispatched to a residence in the 300 block of Hempstead 227 for a suspicious person at around 4:25 p.m. Wednesday, March 1.

When Deputy Malone arrrived he made contact with the individual who was identified as 46-year-old Tina Pennington of Prescott.

Singleton said while speaking to her, Malone noticed the smell of intoxicants on her breath. He asked Pennington what she had been drinking and how much she had. Malone reported she said she had been drinking Hot Damn and that she was “very intoxicated”.

Malone reported that when he asked her why she was on someone else’s property she replied that she was trying to get home.

Malone then contacted the property owners, Hector and Diana Aguirre. Mrs. Aguirre told Malone that when she arrived home from work Pennington attempted to get in her vehicle but she prevented her. Aguirre reported that Pennington then told her that she wanted to die and started hitting herself in the head with the Hot Damn bottles. She told Deputy Malone they were worried about Pennington and didn’t want her to hurt herself.

Deputy Malone then placed Pennington under arrest for Public Intoxication and Criminal Trespassing.

According to Sheriff Singleton, when Deputy Malone placed Pennington in the back of his vehicle she started banging her head into the window and cage. He then reported opening the door and successfully calmed her down.

Deputy Malone reported that while transporting Pennington to jail she again started banging her head into the window and cage as well as making several attempts to open the door, breaking the handle on the inside of the rear driver-side door.

Malone then contacted dispatch and requested Pafford EMS meet him at the Sally Port of the Detention Center.

Malone reported that Pennington again started hitting her head on the window as he arrived at the detention center with her

Singleton said that Detention Sergeant Wise and Deputy Malone attempted to extract Pennington from the vehicle but she resisted, hooking her legs beneath the seat.

They were finally able to get her out and placed her in a restraint chair. The Pafford crew attempted to treat Pennington but, Singleton said, she refused treatment.

Pennington was taken into the jail and booked.

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