UPDATED 2:42 p.m. 3-2-2017: A Prescott man is in jail on drug charges after a multi-agency investigation reportedly ended in the discovery of a significant amount of ecstasy in his home.

According to Prescott Police Interim Chief Joey Beavers, Tobias Tidwell, 38-year-old male of Prescott, is jailed after over 100 individually wrapped ecstasy tabs were found in his home on Sherwood Dr in Prescott.

According to Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton, at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 1, Hempstead County Investigator Justin Crane was contacted by an agent from the South Central Drug Task Force (SCDTF). The agent advised Crane he was traveling east on I-30 behind a white Dodge Charger. He advised Crane that he had a warrant for Tobias Tidwell and believed he was driving the Charger.

Crane caught up with the vehicle and observed it swerve over the fog line and then back across the center line into the other lane. Singleton said Crane initiated a stop on the Charger which pulled over at the Exit 31 eastbound exit ramp.

Sheriff Singleton said Crane, assisted by Corporal Casey Singleton of the Hope Police Department, approached the Charger on the driver side while Singleton approached from the passenger side. Crane identified himself to the driver and advised the driver he stopped him for careless and prohibited driving. The driver identified himself to Crane as Tobias Tidwell.

Crane asked Tobias to exit the vehicle and walk to the back of it. Once at the rear of the car they were met by the SCDTF Agent. The agent told Tidwell he had a felony warrant for his arrest for delivery of a controlled substance. Investigator Crane conducted a search on Tidwell and he was placed under arrest without incident.

According to the Sheriff, Crane notified Tidwell’s parole officer and confirmed there was an active warantless search waiver on file for him. A search of the Charger was conducted and a suspicious residue was located on the center console. The SCDTF Agent performed a field test on the residue which tested positive for cocaine.

Investigator Crane transported Tidwell to his residence on Sherwood Dr in Prescott to meet Prescott Police Interim Chief Joey Beavers, SCDTF Agents, Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police and Parole and Probation Agents.

Beavers said he was contacted at approximately 1:30 p.m. and informed that Probation/Parole Officers were en route to Tidwell’s residence to conduct a home inspection. During the inspection they located the ecstasy and a search warrant was issued and executed. In addition to the ecstasy, Beavers said a large amount of paraphernalia was also located.

Tidwell is being held at the Nevada County Detention Center.

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