Illusionist Larry Wirtz will be entertaining the crowd from the stage at Hempstead Hall Friday, March 3 starting at 6 p.m. Tickets are $15.

Larry Wirtz is classically trained “sleight-of-hand” artist who tours nationally as a full-time inspirational speaker, clean comedian and illusionist for public, private and faith-based organizations and events. He has been performing since 1982. Wirtz is described as intelligent, articulate and dynamic. Larry delivers an eye-opening, jaw-dropping program that is genuine, dignified, funny, very entertaining and relevant.

Drawing on decades of professional performing experience, Larry’s distinctive talents have been honed from working in and with a wide range of venues, events and audiences. The cumulative effect of performing on trade-show floors in exhibit booths, speaking at national meetings, entertaining on cruise ships and comedy clubs along with speaking, entertaining and filling the pulpit in churches across the United States provided Larry with a special level of experience that allows him to bring a rare sense of perspective and conviction to the presentations. Completing the spectrum, this remarkable performer has won the respect and hearts of students, teachers and parents throughout the country.

Wirtz has presented his motivational programs of inspiration and educational entertainment in over 9,000 elementary, middle and high schools across this nation, delighting and positively impacting millions of children, youth and their families.

With his gracious, pleasing and effective presentations, Wirtz continues to indicate to audiences of all generations that he is a great showman, a true veteran performer of live entertainment and a dynamic speaker who inspires, educates and elevates everyone around him. His popular brand of educational and inspirational entertainment has won the hearts of all generations, making him a nationally recognized leader in his field.

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