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Story Courtesy of Louie Graves & John Balch of Nashville News Leader

High-tech thieves have taken credit or debit card information from gas pumps in Nashville and Murfreesboro, and are using the information – in some cases – to empty bank accounts and make purchases.

Banks notified convenience store owners Wednesday, Feb. 22 that their customers were reporting unusual activity on credit and debit cards.

At least five “skimmer” devices have been removed from gas pumps at Road Mart in Nashville, and C-Stop in Murfreesboro. Both stations are Exxon vendors.

Cindy Turner, owner of Road Mart and Buddy’s in Mineral Springs, said that at least four customer accounts had been compromised, and Murfreesboro Police Chief Randy Lamb estimated that at least 20 reports had been logged with his department. Skimmers were found on three pumps in Murfreesboro and two in Nashville.

“My advice is: Don’t pay by credit card at the pump. Pay inside,” said Turner who said she was sorry for the customers’ problems caused by thieves.

She said that thieves apparently had a key which got them through the door of a gas pump, usually out of sight from the checkout counter inside the store. The thief could open the door and install a “pigtail” device in 32 seconds…

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