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A Texas woman was injured after crashing her truck into a tree Thursday morning just past Exit 36 on I-30 East.

Arkansas State Police, Perrytown Volunteer Fire Department and Pafford EMS were called out at 11:15 a.m. Thursday, February 23 to the 36 mile marker of I-30 Eastbound for a single vehicle MVC.

Gertrude Jefferson of Texas was travelling east on I-30 when she said she attempted to pullover due to an issue with the tailgate of her Beige Dodge Ram 1500 and went off the highway.

Skid marks at the scene indicated the truck veered left off the road and went into a counterclockwise skid approximately 30 yards before before it crashed into some trees in the median. The first tree struck the front of the Dodge and the second struck the passenger side where the cab and bed meet.

State Troopers and Perrytown first responders arrived on scene a few minutes before Pafford and tended to Jefferson until they arrived. The Pafford crew and first responders gently removed Jefferson from the truck and moved her to the ambulance before transporting her to Wadley Regional Medical Center in Hope.

Conditions were clear and dry at the time of the crash and no other vehicles or people were involved.

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