Photo by Jesse Evans

A Willisville, AR man escaped injury when his log truck rolled over on Hwy 278 just before 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Kevin Stone, the owner/operator of the truck, said he was traveling away from Hope on Hwy 278 North when he came up on a couple of vehicles that were stopped to apparently turn onto Melrose Ln and a truck creeping along without its brake lights on. Stone said by the time he realized traffic wasn’t moving he didn’t have enough room to come to a stop. He said there were oncoming vehicles and his only choice was to take to the shoulder. “I just didn’t want to hurt anyone”, Stone said.

Stone said he was nervous because of the deep ditch at the intersection. He said the truck would have stayed upright but the shoulder gave under the log-laden trailer, resulting in a slow roll onto the trucks passenger side.

Stone avoided all the other vehicle at the intersection and said he was uninjured. He said his truck will probably be a total loss but he was glad no one was hurt.

Trooper David Hamilton worked the scene. EMS was not contacted since Stone was uninjured.

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